Global Free Call (+800)

The '+' before the 800 is the code for the international prefix. The international prefix can be different in different countries. Eg. in USA the prefix is 011, while in most European countries this prefix is 00. The global freephone is available via many phone networks within Ireland, the UK and the USA. Just try it; if your phone company is customer-friendly, it will work!

From Great Britain

Dial '0871 StyroStone' as a national solution (ie. the full number is 0871 78976786).

We wanted to provide our customers with a freephone number, but due to the restrictions of the telephone system in the UK, we were unable to do so using the vanity number concept (the 0800 freephone prefix is not available when followed by the number 7).

Therefore we have been forced to choose a national number with the 0871 prefix in order to use the STYROSTONE numbers.

From Ireland

Dial 1 800 StyroStone and speak to our operator!

No Voice-Mail

If you call, you will be attended in person and never with an answering system!

What is a vanity number?

The clever thing about vanity numbers is that they are made easy to remember by dialing the (first) letters of the company name (ie STYROSTONE).

If you look at the numbers on your telephone key pad, you will see that the numbers 789 76 786 represent the letters STYROSTO, because
7 is S,
8 is T,
9 is Y,
7 is R
6 is O,
7 is S;
8 is T,
6 is O etc..

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