Internal Finishes
Dry Lining

Fixing of Fermacell Dry lining to Styro Stone:
A uniform layer of adhesive (see below) should be applied to either the polystyrene or the reverse of the Fermacell boards using a 5mm notched trowel across the whole area of the board. The board should then be applied to the wall and levelled up.

Boards should be jointed using Fermacell Jointstik adhesive in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Once the wall adhesive and the Jointstik adhesive have set (typicaly 24 hours), frame anchors should be fixed through the boards into the concrete core. Fermacell recomend a minimum of 2 anchors per board.

All other jointing and finishing should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instruction manual.

Two types of adhesive are suggested. For rapid fixing, Ardurit S16 adhesive is recommended. Where a slower setting is required, Ardurit X5000 is recommended. Both of these adhesives are manufactured by Ardex adhesives (01440 714 939) and the manufacturer's instructions should be followed in use.