Do you allways need to trestle the Styro Stone wall before concreting?

No, but we always always recommend it. Some Styro Stone customers have worked on low walls without, but in our experience it is far too risky.

How are Styro Stones supported

Special supports are available therefore we always put you in touch with your local supplier of trestles

How to fix?

Screw the trestles into the ties

The trestles support the shutter while pouring concrete

The boards serve as walk boards while pouring concrete. Handrails with a height about 80 cm give the necessary support while working. The trestles provide anchor points to put in the handrails.

The trestles are collapsible, saving space for transport

description of trestle parts.

trestle details.

Please feel free to use the design to make your own trestles.

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